Share your experience to improve cancer care in Luxembourg

Cancer is a major public health issue. In order to combat this disease, the second National Cancer Plan (PNC2) has been deployed. In this context, Colive Cancer aims to collect the experience of patients, in order to evaluate the country's care.


Carried out as part of the National Cancer Plan 2

Online questionnaire

Supported by the Ministry of Health

Welcome to Colive Cancer!

Want to know more about Colive Cancer? Watch this explanatory video about the study!

Why participate in Colive?

Giving patients a voice

The direct experience of cancer patients is the best tool to assess the quality and efficiency of the cancer care system in Luxembourg.

Assessing the current system of care

The Colive Cancer study aims to collect information on each stage of the journey faced by a person with cancer, including the type of care and/or treatment received.

Improving future care

The data collected will highlight the difficulties encountered during oncological care and thus allow the implementation of actions to improve it.

Who can participate in Colive Cancer?

The Colive Cancer study concerns any adult (above 18) who has been treated for cancer in Luxembourg in the last 5 years (from 01/01/2018 onwards).

How to participate in Colive Cancer?


Go to: Colive Cancer

Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone select the following link: Colive Cancer.


Give your consent

Before accessing the questionnaire, you will need to read and electronically sign an informed consent form. You can then download a copy if you wish.

Information about the study will remain available on this site, via the tab: “Informatives notices“.


Complete the questionnaire directly online

The questionnaire is divided into 7 modules, and focuses on the different aspects of the cancer journey. Depending on your profile, it should take you an average of 20 to 40 minutes to fill it.

Participate immediately by clicking on the button below

Some important information before participating: 

  • The questionnaire is to be completed only once and if possible on one go. It should take you an average of 20 to 40 minutes to fill it.
  • The survey is designed in the form of a self-administered questionnaire, so that it can be completed autonomously and individually. However, if you encounter difficulties in filling it out and you have the opportunity to be assisted by a relative or friend, don´t hesitate to ask for help, but always referring to your own experience.
  • At the end of the questionnaire, you will be invited to participate in recordings of your voice. These voice recordings will then be analyzed to investigate potential links between specific voice features and the cancer disease (symptoms, side effects, etc.).
    This section is completely optional and is not part of the Colive Cancer study.


Testimonials and support for Colive Cancer


“The collected data points towards the challenges and hurdles the patient must face. As a result, we can precisely correct and improve the system”

Paulette Lenert

Minister of Health


“This patient-centred approach will allow us, for the first time in Luxembourg, to identify what works well, and also perhaps more importantly, what to improve on in the National Cancer Plan”

Dr Guy Fagherazzi

Director of Department of Precision Health


“By participating in Colive Cancer you will help guide our actions in response to your expectations and needs as a patient. Thank you for your time and your help.”

Dr Catherine Boisanté

Doctor & PNC2 Medical Coordinator